Friday, 11 January 2013

Carrie Lange reviews my novel THE PARK

 Rating: *****

The book is written in a refreshingly unique voice, that will literally jump off the page and grab you. When I first came across it, and saw that it was about a pedophile cult, I almost passed on it. Being a 40 year old mother, I couldn't imagine ever being interested in such horror.

Don't let the subject matter of the novel scare you off. Although the subject is horrific, the story is told in a way that may leave you slightly uncomfortable at times, but you will not feel the need to shield your eyes or look away. Indeed, when I first started reading, I told myself I could stop turning the page at any point where I felt it became too inappropriate. Imagine my surprise when I only stopped turning the pages at the last one!

Rarely have I been so engrossed in a book, that I literally could not stop reading. The narrator drew me into his dark world and enchanted me with his story. It's as much a story of images as of words, and I think that's a large part of its allure. I found myself so immersed in the story, that I could almost feel it around me.

The sparse, at times lyrical writing style evokes images, emotions, and physical sensations, that add to the full immersion in the story. It's fresh and again, I'll say, unique.

One word sentences.


No one word chapters, but if anyone could pull it off, I'm sure it would be this author.

It's listed as Horror, but I also think it would fit under the genre of Literary Fiction, because it's driven as much by the characters, as by the actions and story. One character, in particular. The narrator. I found myself still thinking about Gnashie even after the story was done.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, especially to anyone who searches for stories told outside the box of normal, every day commercial fiction.  

- Carrie Lange, author of Letting Go

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